For Universities/Organization

This event will provide opportunities for organization/universities talking to potential postgraduate students to recruit suitable excellent Vietnamese students for research institutes. 

Organization registration and talks (1000 USD)

  • Having the organization/professors’ profiles published on the web
  • Receiving arrangements for the meetings between the professors and postgraduate students who want to have personal contacts
  • Having 45-minute talks to potential postgraduate students in a large lecture hall
  • Having one-day exhibition booth (3mx3m, two tables with the name of the organization).

What you should prepare:

  • Your brief institute profile with a link to your homepage (to be published on the web)
    • Your talks, poster and flyers for exhibition, providing the following information.
    • Research topics, innovations and others that might draw attention of students.
    • Opportunities for internships for undergraduate (senior) and graduate students
    • Opportunities to be enrolled as postgraduate students.

For further information, please contact Dr. Nguyen Duc Hoang